Ancestors 0500 – 1000

Totland Family Ancestors

500 – 1000

Here are some of the Totland Family Ancestors from 500-1000 AD.

Viking ShipThe Totland’s were most likely Vikings in the early years between 800-1100 AD and spread to other nearby countries like England, France, and Scotland by small ships.  The Isle of Sanday (in Scotland) holds one of the oldest Viking artifacts off its beaches.  There are very few records about this age and finding original Totland Ancestors will most likely not be possible but given my love for the sea I think I have a little Viking blood in me.
Wiki Viking Age
arms of the Bishop of Tongres-Leigearms of the Bishop of Tongres-LeigeSaint Gondolfus, Bishop of Tongeren(524 -607), 50th great grandfatherSaint Gondulphus lived from 524 to 607. He was the Bishop of Tongres and Bishop of Maastricht in France. He was married to Palatina de Troyes and they had a son named Baudgise D’Aquitaine II, who became Duke of Aquitaine, France. It is legend that after his death, he arose from his tomb in 1039 in order to assist at the dedication of the church of Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle), and at the conclusion of the ceremony returned to his tomb to resume his eternal sleep. His feast is kept on July 16th.
Saint AEthelbert I, King of KentSaint AEthelbert I, King of KentSaint AEthelbert I, King of Kent(560 -616), 48th great grandfatherÆthelberht (Saint Aethelbert) (c. 560 – February 24, 616) was King of Kent from about 580 until his death. He was the first English king to convert to Christianity. He was the son of Eormenric, succeeding him as king. He marriedBertha, the Christian daughter of Charibert, king of the Franks. He established a wide scale conversion to Christianity and built the grand St Augustine’s Abbey. He was canonized for his role in establishing Christianity among the Anglo-Saxons, as were his wife and daughter. His feast day originally was February 24, but was changed to February 25.
Lord de VuseburneSaint Itta of Metz(592 – 652), 48th great grandmotherSaint Itta of Metz was the wife of Pepin of Landen.  Her brother was Saint Modoald and her sister was Saint Severa.  She had 3 children, Saint Gertrude,Saint Begga (who marriedthe son of Saint Arnulf of Metz), and Grimoald(father of King Childebert).  Upon the death of her husband, she also founded the Benedictine nunnery at Nivelles.  Her feast day is May 8th.
Saint Arnulf of Austrasia, Major Domus Saint Arnulf of Austrasia, Major Domus Saint Arnulf of Austrasia, Major Domus (582 – 640), 48th Great grandfatherArnulf of Metz lived from 582 to 640 and was the son of Baudgise D’Aquitaine II.  Arnulf was the Bishop of Metz and advised several Kings and leaders until he retired in 628 to become a monk.  He helped created the Remiremont Abbyin France and lived there until he died in 640.  His feast day is July 18th.
Saint BeggaSaint BeggaSaint Begga(615 – 693), 47th great grandmotherBegga was the daughter of Pepin of Laden (Mayor of the Palace in Austrasia)  and Saint Itta of Metz.  She was married to Ansegisel (a Duke), son of Saint Arnulf, Bishop of Metz.  They had 3 children including Pepin of Herstal (Pepin II).  When her husband died, she became a nun and built several churches including the convent at Andenne where she lived until her death in 693.  Her feast days are September 6th and December 17.
Pepin the Younger, King of FranksPepin the Younger,
King of Franks
Pepin the Younger, King of Franks(714 – 768), 43rd great grandfatherPippin was the son of Charles Martel, a great general, the Duke and Prince of the Franks, and Mayor of the Palace. When he died, he divided the Kingdom between his 2 sons but when Carloman entered the monastery, Pippin took over both Kingdoms and declared King by the Pope and the Franks.  His goals were to expand the empire but when his health began to fail, this task fell upon his son, the great Charlemagne.
Charlemagne "Charles the Great", King of the Franks Charlemagne “Charles the Great”,
King of the Franks
Charlemagne “Charles the Great”, King of the Franks(742 – 814), 42nd great grandfatherCharlemagne which means “Charles the Great” was King of the Franks from 768 until his death in 814.  During his reign, he expanded the Frank empire by defeating Italy and controlling most of western Europe.  He is considered the father of both the French and Germany monarchies and was considered the father of Europe.  He was the son of Pippin the Short (or Pippin the Younger).
Ethelred the Unready, King of EnglandEthelred the Unready,
King of England
Ethelred the Unready, King of England(968 – 1016), 33rd great grandfatherEthelred the Unready was the son of King Edgar and became the King of the English by the age of 10 when his brother was murdered.  He was a member of the royal House of Wessex and received his name from the poor advice he was often given by his advisors.  His reign was difficult due to the constant wars on his country by his neighbors and many Viking attacks.  One of his many accomplishments was the early creation of the jury.  Ethelred was King until his death in 1016 when his son, Edmund Ironside, succeeded him.
King Edmund "Ironside" of EnglandKing Edmund “Ironside” of EnglandKing Edmund “Ironside” of England(988- 1016), 32nd great grandfatherEdmund II was King of the English and the second son of Ethelred the Unready.  England was split into 2 area’s and shared between Edmund II and Cnut the Great.  A treaty was created and upon the death of either King, the lands would be controlled by the surviving monarch.  Edmund had died first and his lands were transferred to the Viking King Cnut the Great.  Edmunds had a son, Edmund the Exile, who was hunted by Cnut in order to protect his throne.  There is a Shakespearean play called Edmund Ironside.
King CrownHere is a list of some others we are related to between 500-1000:
Edward the Excile, King of England (1016 – 1057)
Berengar II of Italy (900 – 966)
Robert I, King of France (866 – 923)
Bernard, King of Italy (797 – 818)
Pepin, King of Italy (773 – 810)
King Egbert of Wessex ( – 839)
Wiglof of Mercia, King of Mercia (760 – 839)
Halfdan the Old, (Father of Europe)
Malcolm 2 of Scotland, King (995 – 1034)
Kenneth II of Scotland, King (927 – 995)
Malcolm I of Scotland, King of Scotland (897 – 954)
Donald II Dasachtach, King of Scotland (862 – 967)
Constantine I of Scotland, King of Scotland (836 – 877)
Kenneth Mac Alpin, King of Scotland (810 – 858)
Alpine of Scotland, King (778 – 834)