Family History

Our goal with this website is to share family pictures and our fascinating history with all our friends and relatives.  We live in the USA in central Monmouth County, New Jersey.  We have detailed information about our family history if you are interested in learning more about us.  If you have information about the Totland’s, Reide’s, Cece’s, or other surname related to us, please share it with us so we can include it in our databases.

Each person featured on this site is a direct ancestor of our family and I will create a separate post for just a handful of these family members. Over time, all these people will be added to our FamilySearch page.

Please let us know what you think about it and tell us what things you would like to see.  Please email us with your comments.  Our email address is below or on the contacts page.

The website is currently being rebuilt and all the data is currently being added back to the site.